Rustic Free Range
Buy Deliciously tasting 100% Grass fed Dexter beef produced right here, in the beautiful countryside surrounding around our village of Weston under Wetherley.


You will be able to taste the difference!

Welcome to Rustic Free Range, where we are launching our exciting, new local enterprise!

We are delighted to be offering beautifully tasting, home grown produce from the wonderful countryside around the village of Weston-under-Wetherley. Our aim is to breed and rear happy animals in a natural environment on our family run 250-acre farm, where they enjoy clover rich grass, clean fresh water, stunning views and the freedom to display their natural behaviour!

Three generations are involved in the breeding and rearing process. We have always reared animals for our own tables, but now want to extend this to you, our customers, who would like to know where their food has come from and that our animals have been reared compassionately.

We want to produce great tasting food in a sustainable way, offering our customers the reassurance of traceability and provenance. Our animals are cared for and respected by everyone involved, through the entire rearing cycle.

All of our cattle and sheep are 100% grass fed with no concentrates!  This results in the rearing process taking slightly longer, but you get a beautifully flavoured meat as a result of this natural process, which has been found to have significant health benefits to consumers!

All the animals are reared, grazed and integrated into a wider conservation project on the farm.

Having young families ourselves, we are aware that finding the time to plan and cook healthy meals at home can be a challenge with everyone living busy lives.  We would love families and friends to sit down on a Sunday for lunch and tuck in to our wonderful roast beef or lamb joints  whilst discussing the week’s events, however this is not always possible. We understand that it can sometimes be a challenge  to encourage,  particularly young children, to enjoy healthy meals.  For this reason, we are supplying a real cross section of products to cater not only for those fantastic family occasions, but also when time is short and  you do not want to compromise on healthy eating.  We are already producing our Rustic minute steaks, fabulous beef sausages and Burgers, but are also planning to include some oven ready delicious, nutritious and convenient alternatives in our range of flavoursome products as well.

So please do go on and treat yourself and your family to our home grown produce and experience the difference