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Rustic Free Range Pedigree Dexter Beef Orders

You can pre-order our Dexter Beef, and collect from Wethele Manor or we can deliver free of charge for any order over £50.00 and within 5 miles of CV33 9BZ.  

Please browse the various cuts and boxes we offer, and then submit your order using the form at the bottom of the page.

Rustic Free Range Dexter Beef Boxes

Buy Our Rustic Free Range Dexter Beef Boxes – 100% Grass Fed (all beef has been 21-day dry aged to produce optimum flavour and tenderness)!

We recommend that you pre order your Dexter beef box in advance. Our Dexter Beef Boxes are very popular so please don’t hesitate to contact us and place your order to avoid disappointment.  Once your order has been placed we will contact you and let you know when the delivery or collection date will be.  Please let us know if you would like to be added to the customer list here, so we can keep you up to date with any offers and availability.


The freezer boxes come in 10kg weight (36cm x 56cm x 15cm) and 5kg weight (30cm x 45cm x 15cm), to go straight into your freezer or you can remove from the box so that less space is required.  All of our packaging is 100% recyclable and we are continuing to find new ways to further reduce plastic waste.  Our Rustic Beef boxes are delivered chilled and the meat is vacuum packed, ready for immediate preparation or they can go straight into your freezer.


10kg Rustic Free Range Box is £120
5kg Rustic Free Range Box is £65


The boxes contain a wonderful selection of joints and premium cuts for everyone to enjoy!




The Topside is a staple of butcher’s boards, offering an affordable roasting joint cut from the inner thigh of the hindquarter.  Full of flavour, this is lean meat, so sear on high heat to seal the meat and then cook at a slightly lower heat to avoid loosing excessive moisture.  Beautifully tender a tastes divine.

£13 per kg (approx. 1.7kg per joint)


Rustic Silverside

A joint ideal for those who prefer their beef lean, with the Silverside well suited to both roasting and long, slow cooking.

£12 per kg (approx. 1.5kg per joint)


Rustic Rib of Beef

Delicious and succulent aged beef, (bone in).  A great joint for the Sunday Roast!  Lightly marbled, producing a succulent, tasty feast.

£16 per kg



Rustic Fillet Steak

We recommend with a glass of your favourite red wine!

A gourmet treat! These are small steaks, beautifully tender and full of flavour which really are stunning to eat! If you are looking to impress, look no further.  Best served rare or medium rare.  Just remember to bring to room temperature before putting in a pan, perhaps a little salt and pepper to season and enjoy!

£42 per kg


Rustic Sirloin Steak

Delicious steak with a deep flavour, darker colour, and generous marbling that caramelises and tenderises the meat upon cooking. Sear and then cook in a pan on a lower heat to retain moister. Possibly my favourite! Delicious!

£28 per kg – pack of 2 (approx 440g)


Rustic Rump Steak

Typically a denser cut and rich to taste, Rump Steaks are a deserving alternative to the more popular cuts. These are larger steaks, marbled and wonderfully tender! A proper feast!

£25 per kg – pack of 2 (approx 440g)


Rustic Succulent Stir fry Steak Strips

Our prime steak strips are perfect for dishes such as fajitas and transform stir fries.  Beautifully tender with really wonderful flavour.

£15 per kg (approx 1kg per pack)


Rustic Frying Steak

A lean, thin steak, perfect for flash frying.  Ideal for quick meals and sandwiches or with a green salad!

£14 per kg (approx 500g for a pack of 2)



Rustic Brisket

A great value joint taken from the breast of the beast, and well suited to long, slow cooking for meltingly tender beef with real traditional, beefy flavours. Put in the slow cooker for four hours and come back to the kitchen to incredible aromas and a wonderful meal!

£12 per kg


Rustic Stewing Steak

Our Stewing Steak is perfect for long, slow cooking, as well as in curries, stir fries, and pies, boasting deep flavour and meltingly tender texture.

£5.50 per 500g


Rustic Braising steak

Typically lean and perfect for long, slow cooking to develop unctuous flavors.

£6 per 500g


Rustic Steak Pieces

Cubed braising steak making life a bit easier! Ready to be added to the pot!

£14 per 1kg bag


Rustic Diced Shin off the bone

A fantastic cut for braising and long, slow cooking, Beef Shin offers deep flavors and rich melting qualities as the beef breaks down and tenderises in the pot. We find best appreciated in a casserole with a lovely full bodied red wine!

£12 per 1kg (packs of 500g)



Rustic Grass fed Beef Mince

Once you have tried this mince you will never want to go back to the supermarket mince. It has a good ratio of fat to meat to give melting tenderness and real taste upon cooking.  Very much worth a try.  Perfect for Spaghetti Bolognese, Lasagne or a chilli con Carne! Delicious!

£10 per 1kg (packs of approx 500g)


Rustic Succulent Stir fry Steak Strips

Our prime steak strips are perfect for dishes such as fajitas and transform stir fries.  Beautifully tender, with truly wonderful flavour!

£17 per kg (1kg per pack)


Rustic Steak Burgers – Where’s the BBQ? (SOLD OUT)

Plain – nothing but salt and pepper. Let the meat speak for itself. When the aromas from these burgers drift over the garden wall this summer neighbours will be desperate to know what’s cooking!

4 for £5.40 (£1.35 each)


Rustic Pure Beef Burgers – Great on the BBQ!

These are slightly less lean than the steak burgers. Full of flavour and great in a bun with a dollop of ketchup!  Our children love them! With this warmer weather its got to be time for a BBQ!

4 for £3.40 (£0.85 each)


Rustic Free Range Sausages – Simply delicious!

Delicious sausages made from our premium Dexter mince. We add little else to the sausage meat besides 100% British Grass fed beef, seasoning and spices.

£8.50 per kg (about 16 sausages)

Rustic Beef Boxes - Available in two sizes 10kg and 5kg


Rustic Beef Boxes

Our Rustic Free Range Beef Boxes are available in 10kg boxes and contain a deliciously tasty variety of joints other cuts.

Steaks – Fillet, Sirloin, Rump and Rustic frying Steak  – Delicious!

Rustic Roasting joints – Rib of beef, Topside and Silverside

Cubed stewing beef – Ready to be made into casserole or curry!

Beef Burgers

Mouth watering Rustic beef mince.

10kg Rustic Free Range Box is £120
5kg Rustic Free Range Box is £65






    Rustic Beef Boxes


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