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Buy Deliciously tasting 100% Grass fed Dexter beef produced right here, in the beautiful countryside surrounding around our village of Weston under Wetherley.

Grass Fed Dexter Beef

Delicious and Healthy!

Fantastically flavoursome Pedigree Dexter Beef

‘The Small Cow with a Big Future!’

We love looking after Dexter cattle.  They are a friendly, hardy breed, with wonderful maternal instincts which thankfully calve with relative ease, unlike some continental breeds.

All of our cattle have names, from our suckler cows to the youngest calves and their bloodlines are registered with the Pedigree Dexter Cattle Society.

The beef tastes absolutely fantastic, often with buttery and nutty notes and boasting the kind of marbling in its small neat cuts which makes the Dexter native breed so fantastic to cook.

The Native Heritage Dexter breed has been a real success story. As recent as the 1960’s, the Dexter was looking likely to go extinct. Like so many breeds, the Dexter lost out to continental breeds of cattle which were larger and could mature quicker with a concentrated diet.

Dexter’s on the other hand are endearingly small, friendly and are at their best when grass fed and left to mature at their own pace in the great outdoors.

Now the Dexter is thriving and deservedly drawing media interest due to the quality of the meat, texture and distinctive flavour with endorsements from celebrity chefs.

“Dexter Beef, his favourite local produce” (James Martin)

“The best roast beef in the world” (John Torode)

“You have to go a long way to get beef as good as that”(Oliver Peyton)


All our cattle are reared free from concentrates (cereals and artificial additives used to increase the rate of growth) here in the beautiful surroundings of the rural Warwickshire village of Weston under Wetherley, near Leamington Spa.

We have a lovely Suckler herd of Pedigree red Dexter Cattle, which means from the moment our calves are born, we are responsible for the whole rearing and feeding process enabling us to produce a finished product that our customers can trust!  To produce really great tasting beef, it all starts with cattle leading stress-free lives in their natural environment. The cattle are allowed to grow slowly and every animal is given the right time it needs to mature.

The cattle are grazed on clover rich grass and have access to fresh water at all times. When ready, the stock selected for beef are transported by ourselves personally to a small, private, family owned, local abattoir.  We do this to ensure that the animals are kept calm and we know the individuals at the abattoir respect the animals.  This keeps any stress to a minimum.

The meat is then hung for 21 days, which is a culinary process, used in beef aging that improves the flavour of meats by allowing the natural enzymes in the meat to break down the tissue through dry aging. The process also allows the water in the meat to evaporate, thus concentrating the flavour.

The meat is then butchered into the various cuts , vacume packed to retain its freshness and is then ready for your collection from Wethele Manor or for our distribution to you, our customers.  We will also, always have frozen beef joints and other products available, but we would like for you to receive our beef when it is absolutely at its best, so we will always state when our fresh beef will be available for those who do not wish to freeze it.

All of our frozen products are vacume packed and go into a Blast Freezer as soon as they are packed have been butchered.  The freezing process takes place immediately after butchering to make sure that the meat keeps its full flavour.  We have freezing capability here, so for those who wish to purchase frozen meals for defrosting at home, this is readily available.

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